What You Need To Know About Heating Oil

Heating oil, hands down, is one of the best fuels that homeowners can use to heat their home with. Although it is used all over the United States, it is prevalent in the northeast. An Allentown fuel delivery is not an unfamiliar scene to see in Pennsylvania throughout the cold season. That being said, there are some things that homeowners should be aware of when using this fuel.

Heating Oil Is Safe

heating oil is safeMany fuels pose a risk or, at minimum, a safety concern for those who use them. It is not uncommon to hear of natural gas explosions, gas leaks, and more on the news. Those who use heating oil are a lot safer than those who use any other type of fuel. It is so safe that you could take a lit match, drop it in your heating oil tank, and it will simply go out. It does this just as if you had dropped it in some water.

Unlike other fuels, such as natural gas, fuel oil is not explosive and the fumes that are produced are not fatal when inhaled. Carbon monoxide is a strong reality with fuels such as natural gas. When it comes to heating oil, the probability of a carbon monoxide issue from the oil burner is very low. Furthermore, before CO is leaked into a home from an oil burner, there are obvious and clear signs that your fuel oil system is having an issue. This gives the homeowner the opportunity to remedy the problem, long before a CO leak occurs. This is not the case with natural gas. With these systems, there is no warning or indicator that there is an issue like a CO leak. This is why there are so many CO fatalities associated with natural gas systems.

It should be noted that both natural gas and fuel oil systems both require professional maintenance. Be sure to schedule an annual heating system tune-up in the early fall, before the cold settles in.

Environmentally  Friendly

heating oil is environmentally friendlyHeating oil has significantly changed over the past twenty years. Twenty years ago, fuel oil had a sulfur content of around 1%. Currently, this percentage has dropped down from 1% to 0.5%. This move has helped reduce air pollution. Oil burner emissions are almost down to zero. Additionally, there have been many research studies that indicate that the overall emisiions of heating oil is much more environmentally friendly when compared to natural gass. Natural gas had a higher emission output from beginning to end or from production to transport.


Supplies Are Plentiful

fuel oil supplies are plentifulCrude oil supplies are abundant. This means that global political unrest or natural disaster occurrences will not affect your access to heating oil. The United States is not dependent on any oil-producing country for their supply. Furthermore, half of our petroleum is produced locally, from our own domestic resources. The second largest supplier of crude oil of the United States is our northerly neighbor, Canada.

It is not uncommon for natural gas user to experience an interruptible when demand for natural gas outpaces the supplies of natural gas. This leaves homeowners with the need to find an alternative for heat in the middle of the cold winter.


The heating oil that is produced today is 95% cleaner than it was back in 1970. In fact, new oil heating systems are so efficient and clean that they do not produce any soot or odor. Also, homeowners have the benefit of supplying heating oil in a tank on their property for future use. If you choose COD delivery, then all you have to do is schedule a delivery when your tank is about 30% full. If you opt for automatic delivery, then you never have to worry about scheduling a delivery. Regardless, having a tank on your property ensures that you will not run out of oil if you are cognizant of keeping it relatively full.

Energy Efficient

heating oil is energy efficientHeating oil is much more energy efficient than any other type of fuel used for heating. Oil heat appliances have high AFUE ratings along with long lifespans. Gas furnaces usually last half the amount of time and they have lower AFUE ratings. Furthermore, the flame produced by the oil burner is about 400 degrees hotter than the flame produced by natural gas. This means that you use less oil to keep your home warm and comfortable. This makes heating oil a much more economical choice.